Two innovative companies Jump Robotics & XPGraph working together to improve learning processes, developing applications and introducing the latest technologies into the practice of learning, such as VR / AR, IoT
Our Producs
Little Student
All-in-one educational application
for children of primary school age.

The platform consists of multiple mini-games, that help to develop children skills in complex (mathematics, logic, grammar, musical education).
Imaginary Lab
AR/VR applications for children classes
Application that allows to develop 3D modeling skills for children. Using Hololens and other mixed reality devices it is possible to "feel and touch" the created objects as well to interact with them.
AR Lab
For professional trainings
The purpose of the training application is to facilitate training of technical maintenance team. Using variety of machines' segments 3D models the proceess of education tranforms to more efficient and engaging.
IoT & Smart Cities
in professional trainings
Smart and efficient solution to make the training of professional and maintenance teams even more powerful. Using such visualization tools like ThingsBoard it become easy to understand the whole structure and state of the equipment.
Our Workshops
We help to develop critical reasoning skills and a genuine understanding of the logical reasoning processes required to solve math problems
Software is becoming a critical layer of all our lives, it is the language of our world. We believe that children should dive into this to be on the same page with overall development.
3D modeling affects many aspects of our lives – so many things we see around us have been either programmed or designed in a 3D program. With our workshops, we want children to see the possibilities of 3D design and hoped to spark an interest towards digital professions in young minds.
Using fun topics and themes, we embrace children's interest and curiosity to guide them through robotics and engineering principles.
Jump in action
Our main mission is to spread the principles of new way of education all over the world. Children from 17 countries took part in our workshops.
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